Helena Bogucki is an independent designer who makes jewellery and objects that combine formed and found pieces, reflecting a passing moment or conversation.

The designs incorporate motifs from a time or place discovered by accident. Sometimes born form a series of uncanny events or uncovered on a dig… somewhere.

Her work begins in the field. Foraging and taking samples from her surrounds, Helena is a explorer with an adventurous spirit who seeks inspiration from objects and people.

She documents the process from her studio in Western Australia. The catalogued information and findings provide souvenirs that are often as valuable as the fine art jewellery and objects she makes.

The signature of her jewellery is a tiny identification tag containing details about the historical source of the piece. These are incorporated into her works using a tiny saw and become a form of portable archive for the new wearer.

Helena presents her collections and exhibitions at www.helenabogucki.com and her field notes at www.facebook.com/helenabogucki